How to choose the right Domain name that's memorable

When it comes to choosing a name, whether it be for a new born child, a family pet, or even a business, many hours, days and weeks can be spent debating and contemplating whether the name you selected is the right one. A name is what we use to identify something, an entity, a brand, or person, and therefore you want it to be something that is going to be memorable and easy for people to type and pronounce.

Does you domain name immediately associate with your brand, or does it have the potential to offend or to put people off? All the effort in building your brand isn’t going to help you if your domain name doesn’t relate. It will simply drive your potential customers elsewhere, and fast.

Domains are just as important to get right as any other name. Only, they exist in a regulated environment which means that the name you want may not necessarily be available as each unique name can only be used once. 

So what are the options and how do you choose the right domain name? 

Keep it simple to pronounce and spell

Make it memorable! Is it easy to say out loud and write down? Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool and the easier you make it for people to remember, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to pass it on.

Keep it short

Short domain names are more effective for a reason; they’re easier to remember, and less likely to get wrong when typed out. Also, forget trying to fit in too many key words, that’s what SEO is for. A short domain name is good for branding, and good for business. Can you keep yours under 10 characters long?

Avoid double letters

Using double letters in your domain name is a big faux pas, they can be hard to read and even harder to type correctly. Mistakes can also redirect your web traffic elsewhere. As an example, a domain name longgoose typed incorrectly could drive people to longoose. It may seem minor but you could be loosing valuable site traffic. If you can avoid it, do so!

Stick to letters

Getting creative with hyphens and numbers can seem really cool, but they can be hard to express verbally. They’re easy to forget or get wrong, think the number of people that use an underscore instead of a hyphen, and is the number spelled out or is it the numeric version. If the domain name you’re considering is easy to mistype, consider something else.

Carefully consider you Domain extension

The TLD, or top level domain, is the bit that comes after your domain name. More commonly, they include; .com for commercial - business, eCommerce, .org for organisation - non-profit, forums, and .net for network - internet provider, services. It’s possible your generic TLD won’t be available, in which case you can consider a country code TLD specific to where your business is located, eg, for Australia. It’s important to note that to register certain country code TLDs you may be required to provide additional information. And if your TLD is still not available, then there are other alternatives.

Protect your brand 

If you want to protect your brand and ensure that someone else doesn’t benefit from all your hard work, then consider buying multiple TLDs. If it’s available, go the .com, go the country code TLDs where you operate or distribute your product, and even consider other domain names that may be very similar versions of your own domain, or even an easily misspelt version. Just don’t forget the redirects.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a domain name, so take your time and make sure you’re happy with your decision before purchasing. And remember, a little research goes a long way, so be thorough when checking out competitor domains. It's often best to check out a number of domain registrars before making a decision. Also consider purchasing through your web designer, it can sometimes be cheaper when purchased with a web hosting package. 

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