Clear energetic blocks for business success

Businesses are entities made up of ideas, emotions and energies. Some businesses are conceived from a deep rooted passion, whether it be to share a creative gift such as; an artist, baker, or florist, or to be altruistic and in service to community through; activism including; charities, social work, or animal rescue. While other businesses are started to meet the demand for a particular service or goods through the delivery of a skill, knowledge or fulfilment of products.  

There are many models and types of businesses, however what they all share is that they are; created, influenced and evolve through the goals, intentions and actions of the collective energy of everyone who works within the business. 

Because of this, it is crucial that business owners are able to recognise and address their own obstacles and resistance as well as that of the collective so that the business may operate without the negative impact of; energetic, emotional, and behavioural issues.  

The Process

The Energetic Business Tuneup is a kinesiological based process that has been specifically designed to identify those areas of; resistance, blocks and obstacles within the business, so that the collective energies of the business can be balanced. 

The Business Tuneup process consists of a two hour consultation process that assists you to:

  • Identify the issues impacting your business
  • Explore your business values so that these align with you brand energy 
  • Balance the energies so that your business may operate successfully and authentically. 

For more information on how your business can benefit from our Energetic Business Tuneup, email or contact us today.